What we offer

Diagnostic Radiology

Equipment commissioning and quality assurance for CT, MRI, Radiography, Mammography, Fluoroscopy, Nuclear Medicine, Contrast Enhanced Imaging, Digital Subtraction and Dental Imaging


Commissioning, Quality Assurance and Patient Positioning for Medical Linear Accelerators, MRI-Linac, Proton and Heavy Ion, CT-Simulator, MRI-Simulator, PET-CT for Image Fusion and Treatment Plan Verification.


Eqipment Commissioning and Quality Assurance for Sonography.

Radiation Dose Monitoring

Radiation Area Dose Monitoring and Personal Dosimeters.

Diagnostic Radiology

CT: Computed Tomography

CT Image Quality Phantoms, CT Dose Phantoms, CT Slice Width and Alignment, Cone Beam CT Image Quality, 3D Geometric Reconstruction Accuracy and Training Phantoms

MR: Magnetic Resonance

ACR MRI Phantoms, MR Diffusion Weighted Imaging Phantoms, MRI Distortion Phantoms and MRI Motion Phantoms


Radiography Equipment Commissioning and Quality Assurance Phantoms, Software, Test Patterns, Rulers and Accessories.


Comprehensive phantoms and software for checking image quality of Mammography images, including FFDM. Force gague and biopsy kits.


Fluoroscopy image quality test sets, aluminium and copper attenuators.

Nuclear Medicine

PET, SPECT image quality phantoms, Jaszczak Phantoms, ECT phantoms and Hollow spheres.

Contrast Enhanced Imaging

Phantoms for Contrast Enhanced Vascular Imaging.

Digital Subtraction

Compelte sets of image quality phantoms for Digital Subtraction Fluoroscopy and Angiography.

Dental Imaging

Dental Imaging phantoms and software for digital dental X-ray, dental Cone Beam CT and panoramic and intraoral radiography.


CT simulation QA

From moveable lasers to CT-Simulator image quality. Innovative phantom for daily CT-SIM QA check.

CyberKnife® QA

A complete package of tools for quality assurance of CyberKnife®, including the latest M6 MLC and TG135 requirements.

Laser Alignment Systems

Innovative patient positioning lasers for the radiation oncology market. Developer of linear lens and solid state diode lasers that have become industry standards. Modular laser assembly with automatic alignment verification.

Linac QA and Accessories

Full suite of commissioning and QA tools for medical linear accelerators. Based on the use of ion chambers, films, EPID, phantoms and software.

MR Linac QA

MRI-Linac quality assurance from MR image distortion analysis, image quality in motion and dosimetry in motion.

MR simulation QA

Specially designed phantoms and software for quality assurance of MR-Simulation to assure large and small MR FOV within tolerance.

Patient dosimetry

Full suite of phantoms, software, ion chambers, Gafchromic films, MOSFET, 3D gel dosimetry for pre-treatment QA. Detector and software for real time monitoring of patient dose during treatment as well as Adaptive Radiotherapy QA.

Proton QA

Software for Proton machine alignment QA. In addition, patient dosimetry using innovative phantoms and analysis software. A new device for Proton QA to reduce QA time is underway.

Tomotherapy® QA

TG148 based software for Tomotherapy machine QA. Added features to exceed TG148 requirements, including the latest Tomotherapy patient registration function.

Patient positioning

Complete line of patient fixation and positioning tools. From thermoplastics to fixation boards; innovative device for SRS and proton threapy. MR Safe patient transfer for Brathytherapy and MR guided neurosurgery.

Patient Transfer for Image Guided Treatments

The revolutionary Symphony™ Patient Transport System offers enhanced and simplified patient transport and transfer between various imaging and treatment modalities.


Image quality assurance

For ultrasound scanner and transducer acceptance and image quality assurance phantoms and software. Providing comprehensive test phantoms for B, C mode and doppler ultrasound scanners. Special test kit for testing dead pixels of transducer within minutes.

Ultrasound guided biopsy and training phantoms

Ultrasound Guided biopsy training pahntoms for Thyroid, Breast, Prostate, Lumbar. Fetal phantoms at different gestation status are tissue equivalent and anatomically appropriate for ultrasonic surface scanning of fetal morphology.

Radiation Dose Monitoring

Personnel dose monitoring

Personal Dosimeters for people working in a controlled area, measuring radiation in real time. Innovative radiation exposure badges based on OSL technology for hospital personnel.

Radiation area monitor

Radiation Area Monitor designed for using with radiotherapy.